MVP Winner Honored In San Antonio

By Traci Read, Senior Editor | March 2009 Vol. 64 No. 3

In his acceptance speech, Majdalani acknowledged the unique working relationship between the city and the contractor. “It takes both a qualified city staff and the contractor community to complete jobs on time and on budget; otherwise we couldn’t do what we do on our own. We must work together and not reinvent the wheel – together we can accomplish more.”

Reflecting on his past achievements, Majdalani says he hit his stride professionally while working for the city of Beaumont. His 12-year tenure and position as water utilities manager provided Majdalani with the experience to develop, manage and implement the capital improvements program for the city’s Water Utilities Department.

“The results of the capital improvements program proved to be rewarding to the citizens of Beaumont and to myself,” said Majdalani. “This achievement paved the road for me in developing the Houston Public Works & Engineering Department’s Pipe Renewal Program.”

Majdalani is an advocate for trenchless rehabilitation technologies and believes in using them whenever possible to their fullest potential.

“Trenchless technologies save time, money and inconvenience to home owners and businesses, while at the same time minimizing the impact on traffic and the environment,” stressed Majdalani.

“One of the largest rehabilitation projects I have been involved with was replacing the sanitary sewer lines in the city of Beaumont,” said Majdalani. “The project required everything from the purchase of equipment to training and educating staff to the final phase of implementing trenchless technology. We formed separate city crews to oversee each task that included a pipe bursting team, a sliplining team and a directional drilling team. The project proved to be very successful.”

When asked where he thinks trenchless technology is headed, Majdalani had this to say: “The focus in the past has been on the gravity systems (non-pressure pipe). The industry should be focusing on the pressure systems, specifically sanitary sewer force mains and water mains. In addition, city municipalities can do more to understand these technologies and their economical benefits by educating their staff and making them a part of the process. They also can implement a pilot project to feel more comfortable with the outcome. Education is the key.”

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