NASSCO’s Inspector Training Program Gaining Momentum

October 2009 Vol. 64 No. 10

"It has provided a great value for us," said Bechner. "We are ramping up our sewer rehab program, going from about two miles of pipeline rehabilitation to 45 miles in fiscal year 2010, and we recently bid six large contracts. Our inspectors will be out daily and ITCP training is a great resource for how to make proper inspections and will be very helpful to inspectors."

Headquarters for the WSSC is in Laurel, MD.

Contractor David Avrett, president of Augusta, GA, contracting company Avrett Plumbing, said the ITCP training provides insight about the right way to make CIPP installations and defines correct parameters to work toward.

"CIPP installations," he said, "are complex work, and it's important that it be done correctly. Being in the pipe lining business, we want to be sure we do the work correctly to minimize the risk of problems during construction. Underground failures are time consuming and costly, and we want to do everything possible to avoid them and to complete every installation in accordance with applicable standards."

Gary Bowen, DLZ Ohio, a consulting engineering firm, calls NASSCO’s inspection and certification training very valuable.

"It provides a comprehensive overview of CIPP technology and the inspection process," said Bowen, construction services manager and manager of the firm's inspection department.

"We are in our ninth year of a contract with the city of Columbus to provide construction administration and inspection services," he said. "Four inspectors plus myself have completed ITCP training and what we learned has helped us streamline our inspection procedures and documentation."