NASSCO Celebrates Successful Year

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2013, Vol. 68, No. 1

Nelson said other significant accomplishments during 2012 were:
• PACP Version 7.0 Revision, the first major revision in over 10 years encompasses a thorough manual review and upgrading of all training materials. There will be updates to all portions of the programs including manuals and the software database. Before finalization of the revision, numerous PACP forums will be held to gain user input prior to finalizing this revision;
• CIPP User Recertification Updating -- Approximately 2,000 certificate holders recertified their credentials during the year. A Trainer Certification Board was established and new training materials provided to trainers;
• PACP Trainer Recertification Updating continued to increase the quality of training by establishing a Trainer Certification Review Board and introducing new training materials;
• Latin American Initiatives include translation of the PACP manual and tutorials in Spanish. The first Latin American PACP class was held in October in Columbia;
• PACP 6.0.1 translation to French was initiated to support CERIU (Centre for Expertise and Research on Infrastructures in Urban Areas);
• Manhole Rehab ITCP (Inspection Training and Certification Program) was completed and the first beta class held. Trainers are being appointed and trained, and a Trainer Certification Review Board has been established; and
• Committee Leadership responsibilities have been updated, restructured and a biannual leadership transition system has been established.

Throughout the year, Nelson said NASSCO has monitored the status of the lawsuit filed in June 2011 by the Styrene Information and Research Center (SIRC) challenging the classification of styrene as a “reasonably anticipated carcinogen” by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program Report on Carcinogens. Styrene is a primary ingredient used to manufacture the thermoset resins used in CIPP sewer rehabilitation. The suit seeks to remove styrene from that classification.

Looking ahead, Nelson said future association projects include developing a Pipe Bursting ITCP, updating specifications guidelines and developing standard specifications for television inspection of pipes and for pipe cleaning.

Nelson is vice president of sales for Visu-Sewer, and his term as NASSCO president ends in February at the 2013 annual meeting when Joan Stone, president of PipeLogix, will take over as president. Nelson noted that he is the third Visu-Sewer representative to serve as NASSCO president. The others are Keith Alexander in 2004 and Ernie Alexander in 1985.

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