NASSCO Continues Growth, Establishing Cooperative Relationships

NASSCO Annual Convention, Feb. 12-15, Marriott Gaslight District, San Diego.
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | February 2014, Vol. 69 No. 2

“At the same time, we have been working with the International Pipe Bursting Association (IPBA) to develop ITCP for pipe bursting.

“Another priority project is development of the new website and database. Our consultant and staff have been working very hard to make this operational and we expect to release it early in 2014.”

In March 2014, Stone said the Pima County, AZ, Historic Sewer and Pipe Artifacts Exhibit will be part of the WEF Collections Show Systems Conference in Baltimore under the sponsorship of the CWEA and NASSCO. The popular historical exhibit is a regular feature of the RehabZone at the annual UCT show.

In June, NASSCO relocated its offices from Owings Mills, MD, to Marriottsville, MD. Within two months, said Stone, the NASSCO board of directors visited the new facilities to conduct the first annual Strategic Planning Meeting.

NASSCO is a national association composed of several hundred members representing sewer and rehabilitation industry manufacturers and suppliers, municipalities and utility districts, engineers, and contracting firms dedicated to establishing and implementing standards for rehabilitation of underground utilities.

Stone is president of PipeLogix. Her term as president will end at the association’s 2014 annual meeting in March when Stuart Tillery, Southeast account manager, Duke’s Root Control, will assume office as president.

NASSCO, (410) 442-7473,

NASSCO To Hold Technical Day In San Diego

The NASSCO Technical Day is one of the most important events planned for the four-day NASSCO Annual Conference, scheduled this year from Feb. 12-15, at the Marriott Gaslight District in San Diego, CA.

This year’s Technical Day, moderated by NASSCO’s Technical Director Gerry Muenchmeyer, will include presentations and discussions on the following technologies:

• Cross-bore – Harley Peterson from Southern California Gas (SCG) will talk about their success in identifying utility pipe cross-bores, where a utility has penetrated a sewer or lateral pipe. He will also discuss technology they are developing for identifying cross-bores.

• Acoustic Sewer Inspection – the city of Cincinnati, OH, is currently testing two inspection technologies using sound to determine blockages in the collection system. This year’s presentation will be made by Jerry Weimer from The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati and will include a follow-up of each technology, the basis of the test project and preliminary findings.

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