NASTT Celebrates 20th Anniversary

By Traci Read, Senior Editor | April 2010 Vol. 65 No. 4

Preuss is a licensed professional civil engineer in the California and an associate and project manager with Harris & Associates located in Concord. In her 10 years with Harris & Associates, Preuss's engineering expertise includes designing new and rehabilitated pipeline systems and other infrastructure facilities. Preuss is currently serving her sixth year of service on the board of directors for PUG.

Staheli is the president of Trenchless Consultants in Seattle. She is a Registered Professional Engineer in Washington, Oregon and California. Staheli has served as chair of the Northwest Chapter of NASTT and has been instrumental in the development of the Pacific Northwest Chapter. She also serves on the No-Dig Program Committee.

Outgoing board members Keith Hanks, Mark Knight and Jack Burnam will be formally recognized for their service to NASTT during the 2010 No-Dig Show in Schaumberg.

Brahler is quick to note that without the support of the NASTT staff, he would be even busier trying to balance his full time job at TT Technologies with his commitment to NASTT. “It’s a big job that demands a lot of time, but until you get involved at this level, you don’t realize how much the staff does to keep this organization running,” Brahler commented.

The NASTT staff includes Michael Willmets and Angela Ghosh.

Willmets joined NASTT as its new executive director in January 2008. He has held numerous volunteer and leadership positions within the organization, including the elected chairman of the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence and Atlantic regional chapter. He served on the NASTT board of directors for the past three years. Willmets volunteered his time as a member of the No-Dig Program Committee and has served as instructor of NASTT's Rehabilitation Short Course presented at past No-Dig’s. Willmets has over 35 years experience in infrastructure management. He recently retired from the city of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, where he worked as project manager. Throughout his career, Willmets has received a number of awards including an Award of Merit for Canadian Engineering Excellence, as well as the No-Dig Outstanding Paper Award in Rehabilitation in 2002.

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