NASTT Enjoys Solid Growth, Expands Horizons

By Traci Read, Senior Editor | March 2009 Vol. 64 No. 3
Piero Salvo, exiting chairperson of NASTT

The year 2008 proved to be another strong year of growth and expansion past the nation’s borders for the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT), reports Piero Salvo, who completed his two-year term as NASTT chairperson at the end of January.

Salvo is president of WSA Trenchless Consultants, which recently became a division of GENIVAR in Montreal, Quebec. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering and is a professional engineer in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Goals met

Citing his goals for NASTT in 2008 to “become more visible at the grassroots level and to incite more participation from our colleagues in Mexico” Salvo cites significant accomplishments:

  • Attended the ANEAS XXII Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico. Reached out to Mexico’s utility leaders and increased their awareness of the benefits of trenchless technologies and NASTT; and encouraged new membership and training opportunities.
  • Built on the growth of the regional chapters with the addition of the Atlantic Provinces to the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Chapter, as well as added Manitoba and Saskatchewan to the Northwest Chapter. Added three new student chapters; notably Indiana University, Purdue University, Concordia University and McGill University.
  • NASTT completed the third edition of the HDD Good Practices Guidelines Manual. This new, user-friendly version includes a new chapter on design and updated sections to include new developments in technologies. The Guidelines manual soon will be available on CD-ROM, as a soft-cover book or can be downloaded via the NASTT Web site.
  • Increased membership to approximately 1,200.

Salvo points out that: “Being a member of NASTT allows individuals to network with professionals who are passionate about trenchless technology. NASTT offers many opportunities via training courses and at the No-Dig Show, to have peer reviewed technical papers and technical sessions.”

NASTT is known for providing quality education and training programs to trenchless professionals at its annual No-Dig Show and training courses. Currently, NASTT offers six training courses covering cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP), horizontal directional drilling (HDD), pipe bursting, lateral lining, new installation methods and an overview of trenchless technologies. NASTT also has developed and implemented Good Practices Guidelines for horizontal directional drilling and pipe bursting.

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