New Auger Boring System Handles Large Diameter, Line & Grade Projects

November 2012, Vol. 67, No. 11

American Augers has introduced a new guided auger boring system -- the Model 48GM8000 -- designed to make bores in diameters from 48 to 60 inches to lengths of 1,000 feet, depending on site specific geological conditions.

The new, single-pass system was developed to address a growing demand to place larger diameter casings on line and grade, said David Vidovic, American Augers product manager.

“The single-pass system allows for the installation to be made from start to finish by boring and guiding only the product pipe,” Vidovic said. “It does not require a pilot bore nor does it require "stepping up" or reaming the bore in successive passes. It only requires guiding the finished bore one time, rather than relying on pilot bores or previous bores that need to be enlarged by reaming in order to guide the tool successfully each time.”


Components of the 48GM8000 precision line and grade system include four primary subsystems:
• Auger boring machine;
• Secondary casing system;
• Cutter head/steering unit; and
• Guidance/position sensing system.

The 48GM8000 is available now with two other models scheduled for introduction during the first quarter of 2013, Vidovic said.

“The concept for the machine was developed based on the growing number of projects requiring large-diameter, long-length installations at line and grade,” explained Vidovic. “This type of work continues to grow for culvert and sewer projects. Today, such jobs of more than 600 feet usually are done by microtunneling. Our goal is to provide a system that is a less costly method of installing product of large diameters with the ability to navigate more precisely through heavily-populated areas crowded with existing underground infrastructure.”


Vidovic said features that set the 48GM8000 apart from other guided boring systems include the combination of its method of steering, large diameter capability, the ability to do long bores and easy retractability.

These features, he continued, provide positive benefits.

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