New Auger Boring System Handles Large Diameter, Line & Grade Projects

November 2012, Vol. 67, No. 11

“If the system becomes blocked or inoperable for any reason,” he explained, “there is a two-stage component withdrawal process. Removing only the secondary casing will open a path as large as the product casing’s inside diameter to the back of the steering section. This allows service in an access area 24-inches in diameter to the back of the cutter head for removing small blockages or tool change. For the removal or destruction of larger blockages, the steering system cutter head can be removed, allowing full access to the face to clear obstruction, perform any necessary maintenance, or do blind hole boring with no exit pit necessary.”

For bores less than 500 feet, torque is provided through the auger and thrust applied through the casing from the ABM. The 48GM8000 is used in conjunction with the 48/54-900 or 60-1200 auger boring machines. The 48/54-900 would be adequate for lengths less than 500 foot and the 60-1200 would be used for greater lengths.

For bores greater than 500 feet, the torsional power from the boring machine is replaced with an onboard electric motor/reducer combination that will provide 51,000 foot pounds of torque to the cutting head. Thrust of 1.2 million pounds is supplied by the 60-1200 boring machine.

Regardless of distance being bored, the cutting head can be equipped with backhoe-type cutters for dirt applications, bullet-bit carbide cutters for soft rock applications, disc cutting heads for rock to the 25,000 psi UCS (unconfined compressive strength) range, and roller cone bits for rock in excess of 25,000 psi UCS.

Vidovic said two additional guided boring system models are scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2013: First will be the 36GM8000 for bores in diameters from 36 to 42 inches, followed by the72GM8000 with bore range diameters from 72 to 84 inches.

American Augers was established in 1970, and its offices and manufacturing facilities are located in West Salem, OH. In addition to auger boring equipment, American Augers manufactures mid-range and large horizontal direction drilling (HDD) equipment, downhole tools and accessories, drilling fluid systems and oil and gas drilling rigs. American Augers is part of the Astec Industries Underground group.


American Augers, (800) 324-4930,

System For Maintaining Line & Grade

A road bore made during testing of American Augers new 36GM8000 guided auger boring system illustrates its benefits on the job.

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