New Auger Boring System Handles Large Diameter, Line & Grade Projects

November 2012, Vol. 67, No. 11

The 320-foot-long bore of 48 inches in diameter was to install a culvert beneath Interstate 20 in Brandon, MS. Contractor was Fornea Road Boring, Jackson, MS.

The pipe was placed in the ground on line and on grade, said Jim Lee, American Augers field service technician, who played a key role in development of the machine.

“Using a laser and target to monitor line and grade, this system saved time on this job,” said Lee. “Cameras watch the target and sensors monitor the windows so the operator knows how far to open them to make steering corrections. The windows are hydraulically controlled at the operator’s station. A push of the button opens and closes the windows.”

Under normal circumstances, Lee said the auger would have had to be pulled out just to check the line and grade. Then if a correction was needed, it would be necessary to go into the casing, cut windows with a torch to open them to a desired position, weld the window in place, put the auger back into the casing, drill another pipe, and repeat pulling the auger and changing the position of the windows as necessary.

“The American Augers 36GM8000 guided auger boring system saves time and labor,” said Lee. “I believe it is the method of the future for maintaining line and grade on large-diameter bores.”


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