New Cat 336E Hydraulic Excavator Reduces Engine Emissions

May 2011, Vol. 66 No. 5

The new Cat 336E hydraulic excavator replaces Caterpillar’s 336D and features a more powerful engine that drives increased productivity and meets Tier 4 Interim emissions standards.

With an SAE net power rating of 300 hp, the Cat C9.3 ACERT engine delivers 12 percent more power and 4 percent faster cycle times than the 336D – all while improving fuel efficiency by 2 percent. Greater hydraulic pressure in heavy lift mode boosts lift capacity by 5 percent, contributing to high productivity when lifting large pipe and trench boxes.

The 336E has a number of fuel-saving features. An electric regeneration valve captures and recycles energy when the boom is lowered. A new Engine Shutdown Setting enables owners and operators to specify how long the machine should idle before shutting down the engine. Additionally, the operator can reduce engine speed to idle with the touch of a button to help save fuel. And isochronous speed control, which maintains a constant engine speed regardless of load, and an economy power mode help the operator manage and conserve fuel.

To maintain high productivity, the engine exhaust after-treatment regeneration system ensures the machine works as normal with no operator intervention needed. The machine comes with two programmable modes of operation: automatic and manual regeneration.

The 336E can be equipped with one of the new Cat Next Generation buckets for optimum productivity. The new buckets promote efficient filling for faster digging and reduced cycle times. Greater wear coverage enhances durability, and a new lift eye design makes shackle matching easy.

Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope is an optional system that offers another means to improve productivity and lower costs. The system combines traditional machine control and guidance with standard factory-installed and calibrated components, making the system ready to go to work the moment it leaves the factory. The system uses internal front linkage sensors – protected from the harsh working environment – to give operators real time bucket tip position information, which minimizes the need and cost for traditional grade checking and contributes to job site safety. It also helps the operator complete jobs in fewer cycles. Cat dealers can upgrade the system to full three-dimensional control by adding Cat AccuGrade positioning technologies, including GPS and Universal Total Station (UTS).

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BJM Pump

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