New name, network reflect “One Water” unity

October 2012, Vol. 67 No. 10

The Clean Water America Alliance announced a name change to the U.S. Water Alliance and the formation of a One Water Management network, both reflecting the organization’s core mission. “We’re changing our name but not our game,” explains Alliance President Ben Grumbles.

“The Alliance's mission — uniting people and policy for “one water” sustainability— remains the same. Our new name is easier to remember and more closely aligned with the integrated “one water” vision we're working towards in watersheds and communities across the U.S.”

The One Water Management (OWM) vision continues to grow and is being embraced since the Alliance held a national dialogue on the subject in 2010, Managing One Water. Earlier this year the Alliance convened a meeting with representatives from the full spectrum of water stakeholders to advance one water perspectives and sustainable solutions. Fourteen of the organizations are driving the formation of a network that will consider next steps and chart a course for action while being informed by ongoing research. Activities of the network may focus on information sharing, staff training and capacity building (e.g. exchange programs among different utilities and agencies in different levels of government), and identifying barriers and developing pilot projects to reduce or overcome barriers.

For more information, or to view the 14 organizations signing on to the OWM network, visit