New Products Introduced At UCT 2014

UCT Review
March 2014, Vol. 69 No. 3
American Augers' Exit-Side Wrench

StraightShot is available in 1-, 2- and 3-meter lengths, making it ideal for manhole-to-manhole installation. Aligning with cast iron dimensions, StraightShot comes in outside diameters of 8 inches or 15 inches, both in DR14. The pipe is very resilient and well-suited for both pulling and pushing operations, with the 15-inch option able to withstand up to 167,700 pounds of pressure with a 2:1 safety ratio.

Using vacuum technology, the new HDD Pipe Handling System requires only one worker to lift drill stem and position it into the rig using wireless remote control. Vacuworx’s latest innovation tilts pipe from 0-30 degrees for loading and unloading without the use of slings. The HDD Pipe Handling System handles all standard drill stem down to 3 inches and is suitable for use with the MC Series.