No Dıg Turkey 2012 Deemed ‘A Great Success’

December 2012, Vol. 67 No. 12
Yasin Torun, chairman of TSITT, and Dr. Samuel Ariaratnam, chairman of the ISTT, conduct an interview No Dig Turkey Conference.

The Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology (TSITT) held the No Dig Turkey 2012 Conference in Sanliurfa, Turkey, on Oct. 2-3, with the valuable support of the International Society of Trenchless Technology. Many local and international participants attended this unique trenchless event.

The conference started with the welcoming speech of Yasin Torun, chairman of TSITT. Afterwards, John Hemphill, executive director of ISTT, and Dr. Samuel Ariaratnam, chairman of ISTT, gave their opening speeches. Next, Fevzi Yucetepe, deputy mayor of Sanliurfa, Guven Karacuha, deputy general manager of DSI (State Hydraulic Works) and Sadrettin Karahocagil, president of GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration), provided their opening comments.

Next, Celalettin Guvenc, governor of Sanliurfa, gave his keynote speech. Guvenc mentioned that trenchless technology is a must for Sanliurfa and entire Turkey and he is very honored as this year”s event is held in the city of Sanliurfa - a unique city having a history of more than 12,000 years. Additionally, he said that the government will continuously support TSITT and the International No Dig 2015 Conference and Exhibition which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Following the opening and keynote speeches, Dr. Rustem Keles, general manager of SASKI (Sakarya Water and Sewerage Administration) made a presentation with the title of “Trenchless Technology and General Applications in Turkish Water Administrations.” Afterwards, Dr. Magdy Abou, RAYAN, chairman of IWTA (International Water Technology Association) made a presentation with the title of “International Approaches in Non-Revenue Water Management.”