NTA Proves Effectiveness Of Regional Association

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2009 Vol. 64 No. 9
Danielle Martin, winner of the 2008 Founders Award with 2009 president Ralph Edwards (left) and previous president Bruce Hubbard

"In most associations we are active if our company performs services that no one else provides or understands," says Matt Timberlake, vice president of Ted Berry Co., Livermore, ME, provider of a variety of trenchless construction, rehabilitation and maintenance services. "Services of NTA members are similar enough that as we discuss situations we have dealt with, others are engaged in the discussion because they have probably been in similar situations." Timberlake is the current association vice president.

Contacts also can lead to new business, says Timberlake.

"We have met great contacts and have teamed up on a number of projects that have in the end provided a better finished project for our customers than any one of us could have offered alone," he explains. "I spoke yesterday to another member who is looking at a project and is interested in subcontracting my company to perform part of the work that they do not have the equipment to complete. Without being active in the NTA, I am certain I would not have been asked to help with their project."

Quick reactions

Another important benefit is that a small organization can quickly address new challenges and changing situations.

"The NTA has really been an asset to our company and other members in dealing with the present economic recession," says Danielle Martin, general manager, Henniker Directional Drilling, Henniker, NH, and 2007 NTA president. "I can say our company has gained knowledge that helps us determine costs, address safety concerns, improve crews morale and communication, set a higher standard of business for ourselves, and deliver a better level of service by having access to new product information and developing a relationship with the associate members."

Evolving from what was primarily a HDD association to a trenchless association has broadened NTA's scope and base of membership.

Timberlake believes it likely that the association will continue to add members of other trenchless technologies to association membership, including CIPP installers, microtunneling, rehabilitation specialists, hydro excavation, utility locating industries and more engineers and consultants.

"Basically anyone who has an active role in underground construction using advancing trenchless technologies can benefit from NTA membership," he says.

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