NTA Wraps Up Successful 2008; Plans For Future

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | February 2009 Vol. 64 No.2
The 2009 NTA Board includes (L to R): Harold Morse, Brian Dorwart, Matt Timberlake, Ralph Edwards, and Bruce Hubbard.

Following the Northeast Trenchless Association's (NTA) fifth annual meeting, immediate past president Bruce Hubbard reflected on the association's accomplishments in 2008 and outlined goals for 2009.

New England is an area where soil conditions are not as well suited to trenchless methods as other areas in the country. As a result, the number of trenchless contractors is relatively small compared to other regions. Membership is comprised of contractors specializing in trenchless construction with suppliers of trenchless products and services holding associate memberships.

Yet in a relatively short period of time, the NTA members have established the association as a vital voice in the trenchless industry, said Hubbard. Throughout 2008, NTA continued to emphasize educating the marketplace about the benefits of trenchless construction while training its members in trenchless methods and the importance of working safely.

"Safety is a critical issue, and we make sure that some aspect of safety is discussed at every meeting," Hubbard said. "An understanding of the importance of effective safety programs starts at the management level and trickles downhill. Education helps a company change its safety culture when necessary."

Hubbard said NTA also has continued to emphasize promoting its members to clients and prospective clients.

2008 accomplishments

Upgrading of the association's web site was completed in 2008, and it includes basic information about horizontal directional drilling, pipebursting, sliplining, pipe ramming, auger boring, locating buried utilities and vacuum excavation. This information provides an excellent primer for anyone wanting an explanation about those technologies and procedures. At meetings, members also have an opportunity to exchange information about successful projects.

Other important activities of the NTA in 2008 included:

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