Numerous Factors Influence Decision To Own Or Rent Track Trenchers

What’s right for your business and application?
July 2011, Vol. 66 No. 7

“Probably the most important thing in a rental agreement is that you have a good relationship with the dealer,” said Lynch. “With a track trencher rental, everything is up front and the machine requires dedicated maintenance compared to an excavator.”

Most rental agreements include a threshold for the maximum number of hours that can be placed on the machine. Should you exceed threshold, the dealer will charge an overage fee. The rental fee is paid in advance, plus the contractor is responsible for fuel and machine maintenance. However, the contractor can also negotiate a supplemental agreement with the dealer to provide the maintenance services for a fee. This is especially important when working in rock, as a trencher will require routine inspections of the boom, digging chain and teeth.

There is one potential downside to renting a track trencher -- availability. Track trenchers are not as abundant as excavators and may not be available to rent when you need one. This requires planning on the contractor’s part, and in some cases a contractor may need to wait for a rental to become available, and then complete the job on time, as the machine may be committed to another contractor following the expiration of your rental agreement.

Another factor to consider in rental to purchase is that, depending on the duration of the rental agreement, dealers in most cases will allow contractors to apply part of their rental cost toward the purchase of the machine.

“In almost every case,” says Lynch. “when a contactor rents a track trencher and decides he wants to purchase it after a few months, the dealer will provide an incentive by applying part of the rental cost to the purchase.”

Track trencher rentals are on the upswing as more contractors are learning how these units can outperform an excavator in some instances. But, every situation is different, so take the time to evaluate the right decision for your project and business.

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