October Rehab News: CUES, Inland Pipe, Conco Spray, Quakewrap and Vac-Tron

October 2009 Vol. 64 No. 10

Conco Spray Solutions joins Sprayroq Certified Partners
Sprayroq, an industry leader in the development of spray-applied polyurethane solutions for infrastructure rehabilitation, corrosion management and infiltration control announced the addition of Conco Spray Solutions of Indianapolis, IN, to its growing global network of Sprayroq Certified Partners.

Bringing over 20 years experience in the construction field, the addition of Conco Spray Solutions will provide municipalities, utilities and manufacturers in the Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee areas access to a group of results-driven professionals who can assist them with the protection, maintenance and rehabilitation of their vital assets.

As a highly trained, certified installer of Sprayroq products, Conco Spray Solutions can provide rehabilitation and protective lining of water, wastewater and industrial structures such as manholes, lift stations, wet wells, tanks, grit chambers, clarifiers, digesters, junction boxes, cooling tanks, large diameter pipes, tunnels and secondary containment vessels. 317.428.6543, www.concospray.com

QuakeWrap awarded pipe rehab in Costa Rica
QuakeWrap was awarded a contract with Ghella S.p.A. for rehabilitation of a 1.1 mile, 7 foot diameter, pressurized pipeline approximately 70 miles outside San Jose, Costa Rica, utilizing the company’s Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) system.

Completed in July, QuakeWraps’ work included lining the inner surface of the entire pipeline using the FRP system. FRPs are layers of fabric used to strengthen and waterproof the inner surface of the pipeline. Less than 1/8-inch thick, the fabrics comprise a negligible loss on inner diameter, and will not detract from the pipeline’s designed flow capacity.

The line conveys river water under pressure from the source to the power generating units at El Encanto. Due to problems in the structural design, the pipeline developed longitudinal fissures that extend the length of the pipeline: these fissures caused major leaks upon pressurization of the pipeline. Upon completion of the project, QuakeWrap’s FRP system will increase the original design pressure of the pipeline by nearly 90 percent with high corrosion resistance and waterproofing properties.

This rehab project is part of Ghella’s efforts to complete construction of the El Encanto power generating facility near San Jose. 520.791.7000 ext. 121, www.quakewrap.com

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