October Rehab News: CUES, Inland Pipe, Conco Spray, Quakewrap and Vac-Tron

October 2009 Vol. 64 No. 10

Vac-Tron Equipment updates website
Vac-Tron Equipment has updated their Website, www.vactron.com, to include such features navigation, product information, spec sheets and uses, as well as video presentations and demonstrations.

“With our site’s upgraded design architecture, we’ve made it easier for visitors to learn about the unique features of our signature PMD Series, FlowMaster Series, Mini Combos, CS Series, and now our newest models in our LP (low profile) Series,” said Vac-Tron President Don Buckner.

“Those in the market for an industrial vacuum system have come to the right place. We want visitors to find the information they need to quickly get started using our equipment.”

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