Ongoing Rehab In Indianapolis

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | November 2013, Vol. 68 No. 11

Work was completed in one month at a cost of $800,000. “The project became extremely challenging once it was discovered that the field conditions differed greatly from the siphon as-builts,” Hanas said. “The approach shafts were not built at a 45-degree angle as shown on the as-builts, but were nearly vertical. This required quick and creative thinking, as the contractor could not line the vertical portions of the shaft due to fear of resin migration. We settled on lining the horizontal portion of the siphon and spraying a poly product on the vertical sections.”

Warman and Sugar Grove LDSR
– Several segments required new inverts. Insituform Technologies USA and Layne Inliner performed large-diameter lining of combined sewers near downtown. In several cases, large sections of inverts were badly broken or completely gone.

“These areas subsequently had developed large, deep holes and were not repairable with traditional CIPP methods,” Hanas explained. “National Granite, a shotcrete subcontractor, was brought in to hand clean and pour new inverts in the pipes. Once the shotcrete repairs were made, a CIPP liner was inverted to complete the repair. We have had to perform these types of hybrid repairs to over 2,500 linear feet of sewers. We paid an average of $100 per foot for shotcrete repairs – about $250,000 – to make the segments lineable via CIPP.”

Boulevard and 26th Street 72-Inch Combined Sewer – Contractor Layne Inliner was responsible for lining 2,000 linear feet of combined sewer for this segment, but because the company’s wet-out facility was several hours away, it was apparent trucking liner to the site was not a viable option. The alternative selected was over-the-hole type inversion.

“This required construction of a large, on-site wet-out facility that remained in operation 24/7 for a week until the project was completed,” said Hanas. “A challenging aspect of the project was maintenance of laterals since an over-the-hole inversion does not allow for lateral re-instatement as work proceeds. Therefore, we chose to install clean outs at each home on the line and station a vacuum truck on site to clean the laterals daily.”

Cost of this segment was $1 million.

Brouse Avenue UV-Cured CIPP – Brouse Avenue runs through a 1940s-era neighborhood where the sewer system consisted of old vitrified clay pipe that was severely deteriorated. Residents were complaining of poor sanitary service and investigations found a system in need of CIPP rehabilitation.

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