Ongoing Rehab In Indianapolis

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | November 2013, Vol. 68 No. 11

“Layne Inliner approached CEG about the possibility of piloting UV-cured CIPP liners in this area, as the company had just constructed a large UV wet-out facility at its plant, Hanas said. “CEG was interested in testing the product for several reasons, and of primary interest was the claim that the styrene odor that sometimes causes complaints would be virtually eliminated by styrene barriers constructed into the tubes.

Approximately 3,500 linear feet of CIPP was installed into the 10-inch host pipe and complaints about sanitary service have been eliminated. Cost of the segment was $180,000.

Miller Pipeline also holds a master contract for lines 18 inches in diameter and smaller but to date no project in that category has been done.

Citizens Energy Group is a public charitable trust that has served Indianapolis for nearly 125 years and has provided gas services to more than 266,000 customers in Indianapolis and Marion County since 1887. Its combined water and sanitary sewer infrastructures cover approximately 320 square miles and in addition to Indianapolis, Citizens also provides services on a wholesale basis to the cities of Beech Grove, Lawrence and Greenwood, the Ben Davis Conservancy District and three outside-the-county development areas.

Citizens also operates the second largest steam and chilled water distribution system in the U.S., providing heating and cooling to large commercial, industrial and institutional customers in downtown Indianapolis.

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