PACP Class Held In Colombia

December 2012, Vol. 67 No. 12

NASSCO, the National Association of Sewer Service Companies, recently conducted its first-ever Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) course in Spanish. Held in Bogotá, Colombia, on Oct. 17-18, the instruction included the recently-translated PACP manual and training materials.

The two-day class was held at CDM-Smith's Bogotá office, and was delivered by Master PACP Trainer Luis R. León, PE, BCEE, a project manager at CDM-Smith. Far exceeding expectations, 22 sewer professionals participated in the class which led to a well-diversified learning experience. Participants included contractors, consulting firms, operators and municipal engineers. In particular, there was a high number of engineers and operators attending from the three largest municipal sewer service providers in Colombia: Bogotá (EAAB), Medellín (EPM) and Cali (EMCALI).

This important NASSCO milestone is a breakthrough in the South American region. Within just two months of the release of the PACP manual translation to Spanish, the class attendance and the reception to this program showed clear evidence that NASSCO’s efforts to provide a complete PACP class in Spanish are significant. Professionals in Latin America are eager for valuable training and education on practical topics related to pipeline assessment and trenchless rehabilitation.

Diego Calderón, NASSCO’s technical assistant, explained that “NASSCO has recently identified a very high demand for more comprehensive and consistent databases to properly evaluate and rehabilitate underground infrastructure from system owners in Central and South America. It is our immediate goal to better serve not only the entire North American continent, but all Spanish-speaking countries as well.”

The inaugural Spanish course included the review of inspection videos from surveys recently made in Colombia, which were analyzed and compared with PACP. The audience easily recognized the advantages of standardized coding and the shortcomings of multiple coding systems previously established by sewer service providers throughout the country. The use of their own CCTV videos in the training helped the students apply the PACP concepts and coding to a real world situation. The advantages brought to light by the PACP training in Colombia were immediately identified by the participants.

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