PACP Class Held In Colombia

December 2012, Vol. 67 No. 12

High marks
A translated version of the PACP test was given after the class, and all participants achieved the minimum passing grade of 85 percent. “We were honored to present PACP user certifications to all 22 students, and the class evaluations were very positive -- indicating that the students received great value from the course,” Calderón stressed.

Student Guillermo Barbosa, the CEO of a contracting firm, told the event organizers that “This class was great. I am leaving here with high hopes that NASSCO can provide additional programs that cover other topics sometime soon.”

“All participants left the clear message that more training in Spanish is needed and will be welcome,” said León. “Therefore, we may assume that the translation of additional programs and publications, such as the MACP [Manhole Assessment Certification Program], LACP [Lateral Assessment Certification Program] and the ITCP [Inspector Training Certification Program] would be beneficial to this group.”

NASSCO’s mission is to set industry standards for the rehabilitation and assessment of underground infrastructure and to assure the continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies, wherever the need exists. The PACP standard was translated into French four years ago, and is now the inspection standard throughout all the province of Quebec, Canada. The translation to Spanish is another step for NASSCO to fulfill the goal to improve the success rate of everyone involved in the infrastructure assessment and rehabilitation industry, primarily through valuable educational opportunities like PACP.

NASSCO works to deliver services such as PACP wherever the need is expressed. To date, the group is considering requests to schedule PACP classes in Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Mexico and El Salvador. If you have a group that would benefit from PACP training in North, South or Central America, please visit or contact Diego Calderón at, (410).

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