Palo Alto Institutes Pro-Active Plan To Locate, Correct Crossbores

April 2012, Vol. 67 No. 4

“I believe the recent adoption of DIMP will increase crossbore investigations for gas operators who have employed trenchless construction methods in the past,” Scoby said. “Hopefully, wastewater collection system operators will partner with their local gas company and work to facilitate these inspections to the benefit of all involved parties.”

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City of Palo Alto Utilities Department,

Cross Bore Safety Association

The Cross Bore Safety Association (CBSA) is dedicated to educating the industry and organizations and agencies with a stake in eliminating crossbore accidents and its
efforts are gaining momentum.

“I became a member of the CBSA in 2009 and have used the available materials
to convince management of the need to conduct Palo Alto’s crossbore program and to guide development and implementation of the program,” said Greg Scoby, engineering manager, Palo Alto Water Gas, Wastewater Utilities Department.

“I cite documents and statistics from the CBSA website in presentations, and I would encourage anyone looking for further information about crossbores to visit this site,”