PCCA Shows Strength In Tough Economy

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | February 2011, Vol. 66 No. 2

Mason cited several other important activities during 2010:
• PCCA continued working with the Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Utilities Program and the Association of Communication Engineers (ACE) to revise RUS Form 515, the form contract for telecommunications system construction;
• Maintained the association’s amicable relationship with the USDA's rural development staff throughout the year. David Villano, assistant administrator telecommunications program for the Rural Utility Service, attended the mid-year meeting and gave a presentation during the Construction Industry Roundtable;
• Saw continued growth of PCCA's Young Construction Professionals (YCP) program which appeals to upwardly moving employees at member companies and prospective members. The YCP provides younger members as well as those rising in the management ranks broader business/industry exposure, executive/leadership training and lessons from experienced association members; and
• The PCCA Journal continued to inform its members on relevant industry and government news and educate them with articles written by industry experts on topics such as market conditions, troublesome contract terms, managing subcontractors, complying with Davis-Bacon, human resources and other topics.

Also in 2010, the PCCA promoted the organization and its members at the annual UCT show in Tampa, FL, and at Windpower 2010 in Dallas, TX, where the PCCA Pavilion contained exhibits of the association. Six members were on hand to provide delegates a complete picture of the association and its activities.

Positive future
“In general,” said Mason, “the industry is healthy, and prospects for the next three to five years look good. It is a good time to be in this industry, and for companies in the industry, the PCCA is a good organization to be part of as it continues outreach to the USDA on rural development issues and the Labor Department about Davis-Bacon, and continues to report on other relevant federal agencies, including OSHA, FCC, NTIA, DOT and FCC. We will continue to promote the association and its members at leading industry shows, including UCT in Houston, Windpower 2011 in Anaheim, and ICUEE in Louisville.”

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