Perma-Liner Perma‐Patch

September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9

Perma‐Liner Industries has developed a proven method to rehabilitate small diameter pipelines utilizing a “local” sectional repair system.

The Perma‐Patch system is part of the latest development in rehabilitation products from Perma‐Liner Industries. The Perma‐Patch system uses a fiberglass mat with 100 percent epoxy resins creating a structural repair with a minimum life span of 50 years. Perma‐Patch is designed for 4- and 6-inch diameter pipelines with cracks, holes and separation in joints. The Perma‐Patch no-dig, spot repair system is sold as a complete kit, which means no measuring or waste. For more profitability, a two-man crew can install several Perma‐Patch kits in a single day. The Perma‐Patch repair is inserted into the damaged pipe using an inflatable bladder and push cable. The Perma‐Patch repair is centered over the damaged pipe section and pressed tight against the host pipe area creating a structural new pipe. 866.336.2568,