Pinnacle Finds Niche, Growth In South Carolina

June 2013, Vol. 68, No. 6

“The oceanfront area,” Carlson said, “has very affluent permanent residents and vacation homes, all on immaculately-landscaped property, and the owners were delighted we completed the work without digging up their yards.”
• Charles Towne Landing -- Pinnacle placed 10,000 feet of single- and three-phase electrical conduit at this national historic site, using the JT2720. Twenty bores were made with average lengths from 400 to 600 feet. Archeologists hand dug entry and exit points for each bore prior to drilling and searched for artifacts in the previously undisturbed soils.
• Island-to-island bores -- To bring electrical power to a private residence on a private island off the coast of Seabrook Island, the crew drilled to one island, then to the next, moved the drill unit to the second island, and used the newly-installed, three-inch conduits to pump drilling fluid from the mixer on the mainland to the drill unit almost 1,000 feet away. The longest was a continuous shot of 1,500 feet. The JT3020 was used on the project. Walkover tracking equipment was used to track the bore head and provide information for guiding the bores. Conduits were cleaned prior to installing new power cable.

“When the conduit was in place, we then pulled in 2,500 feet of primary cable, terminated and tested it before turning it over to the electric company to be put into service,” Carlson said. “This was our first big private project.”

Pinnacle’s HDD fleet is carefully selected to fit the projects the company does. All are relatively compact with footprints that permit set-up in confined spaces, limiting the need to close streets or redirect traffic. Rubber tracks take the machines over paved surfaces and expensive landscaping. Although relatively small in size, the machines have the capability of drilling several hundred feet and to pull in strings of fused conduit.

However, construction machines don’t operate themselves, and Carlson credits the experience and commitment of the company’s long-term employees as a key to the Pinnacle’s success and growth. General Manager Mike Harrawood has been with the company from the beginning, he said.

Pinnacle Construction’s dealer is Ditch Witch of the Carolinas, Ladson, South Carolina.

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