Pinnacle Finds Niche, Growth In South Carolina

June 2013, Vol. 68, No. 6

First and foremost, the goal is to prevent injury or death to workers and anyone in the area of a construction project and to prevent damage to existing utilities and property on and around work sites.

“Our record for safety and damage prevention are keys to being trusted to do a client’s work,” said Pinnacle President Erik Carlson. “We work diligently to notify, track, verify and maintain proper notifications to all of the utility operators and private owners through South Carolina’s centralized one-call center.”

Training is a key to working safe.

“We train every week,” Carlson said. “The schedule includes revolving OSHA training, on-the-job training topics, high-voltage terminating and switching, mud schools and site specific client training. We have an electronic picture frame in our office that we regularly update with photos illustrating good and bad job-site practices to share lessons learned. We pay quarterly crew bonuses based on safe operation first, then performance.

Carlson is active in the Low Country Utilities Coordinating Committee (LUCC), participating in monthly meetings, and helped organize the group’s first annual seminar. Pinnacle also participates in the North Carolina/South Carolina annual convention. In 2012, Carlson is serving as LUCC secretary.

Pinnacle Construction was named 2011 LUCC Damage Prevention Contractor of the Year.

Carlson said it’s never too early to begin safety training. For several years, Pinnacle Construction has provided excavation and underground utility safety awareness at the Fort Dorchester Elementary School for kindergarten through third grade students.

Pinnacle Construction’s HDD Equipment

Pinnacle’s current HDD fleet is composed of the following rubber track drill units:

• One JT1220 model powered by a 60-horsepower engine. It develops 12,000 pounds of pullback force, 1,200 foot pounds of torque and maximum spindle speed of 180 rpm;
• Four JT2020 machines developing 20,000 pounds of pullback, 2,200 foot pounds of spindle torque and maximum spindle speed of 150 rpm;
• One JT2720, 113 horsepower, 27,000 pounds of pullback, 3,200 foot pounds of torque and maximum spindle speed of 225 rpm; and
• One JT3020, 156 horsepower, 30,000 pounds of thrust, 4,000 foot pounds of torque and spindle speeds to 225 rpm.

In addition, Pinnacle crews have seven 750 and 752 electronic trackers, multiple 86, 86BH and one 86VBH Extreme beacons.