Pipe And Joint Fusion Equipment: Equipment Spotlight

February 2013, Vol. 68 No. 2
The McElroy TracStar 500 Series 3.

Ritmo America
Ritmo_fusion equip spot.jpg
The RAM 824 ALL TERRAIN pipe and fusion machine is simple to use. The heating plate and facer disconnect system is ideal for the positioning / removal of the pipes. The clamps hydraulic system serves as a protection against collisions while positioning the machine inside the trench. And low fuel consumption and soundproofing gear protects the environment, while saving money. Key features include a working range of 8-inch IPS to 24-inch DIPS; four steering wheels drive; a diesel-engine and self-contained with on-board generator; a sliding third clamp for fittings welding; data logging with GPS. 863.679.8655, ritmoamerica.com