Pipe Bursting – Terminology And Lingo: What Does It All Mean?

By Matt Timberlake, President, Ted Berry Trenchless Technologies LLC | May 2011, Vol. 66 No. 5

It goes without saying that a full understanding of the pipe bursting method, tooling, pipe burst system and construction requirements is required by all members of your project team from conception through design, bidding and through construction. If you don’t think you fully understand the “lingo” being used by someone on the work team it is okay to ask: “what is this and why is it important for this project?”

There are many manuals of practice available through organizations like IPBA, ASCE, NASTT, APWA and others which will usually include a glossary of terms. It is a good idea to have those available when planning your project. Through continued education involving utility system owners, engineers, manufacturers, contractors and field crews, pipe bursting can continue to become a method of choice for rehabilitating failing underground infrastructure in your community.

Coming in June: What types of pipes can be burst and what types of pipes can be installed using pipe bursting?

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