Pipe Bursting In A Low Carbon World

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By David O'Sullivan, President, PW Trenchless Construction Inc. | May 2012, Vol. 67 No. 5

Why so important?
We in the democratic world have to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. To do this we have to be able to sell the concept to the voting public and that means that the method we choose has to cost the same or less than existing methods and not alter how we live our lives.

With countries like China and India now demanding to be let into the first world, they see that the only way to get there is to emit carbon as we do. But if we, as the first world, develop ways for them (and ourselves) to develop methods of living (and installing utilities) with lower carbon emissions, it will be accepted.

Remember the main way that countries like China and India will advance to a first world country status is through the increase in life expectancy from the current 45 years to the 80 years-plus we enjoy in the U.S. and Canada. That increase is totally achieved through the provision of clean water and sewerage removal achieved as a result of the existence of good utilities.

Trenchless methods can offer the installation of these utilities while emitting much less carbon compared to traditional open-cut methods. That is a nice statement but how do we prove it and then measure it? The proving is something that is done through testing and observation

In BC, we have an opportunity to use these savings to advance the use of trenchless and using these carbon savings to create carbon credits for the cities developing them. To do this we need a protocol. This trenchless protocol is a document that follows ISO 14064 standards on how to create a carbon credit.

It should be noted that local governments will never be able to generate enough carbon reductions or offsets to be able to have credits for sale. It is much more likely that any credits generated from a trenchless program will be used to lower their carbon emissions from their day-to-day operations.

When the emissions of capitol works have to be neutral, then the use of trenchless will assist local governments in emitting much lower carbon emissions. This protocol is available at www.nasttghgcalculator.com and is complimentary to the public.

Welcome to this is very new and exciting area of advancing the trenchless technology industry.

IPBA (NASSCO), (410) 486-3500, www.nassco.org

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