Pipe Bursting Various Types Of Pipes

By Matt Timberlake, President, Ted Berry Trenchless Technologies LLC, International Pipe Bursting Association Marketing Committee | June 2011 Vol. 66 No. 6

Special attention
Pipes that require special attention and are, in most cases, still considered experimental, are CMP, large diameter brick among others. CMP, for example, does not typically burst or split very well. However, there is work being done daily to help overcome this and make bursting of CMP a viable option.

The most common type of pipe installed with pipe bursting, much like HDD, is overwhelmingly HDPE. However, advancements in other pipe types have made installations of those much more common. HDPE can be installed as a gravity or pressure pipeline and is very flexible and forgiving which gives it a tremendous amount of versatility in the field. Most trenchless installation crews are experienced in how to properly handle, fuse, and install it which always makes it a favorite of contractors. Learning the difference between IPS ( iron pipe size) and DIPS (ductile iron pipe size) and the appropriate DR value required to install it and the relationship that has to actual ID, is always challenging to owners and engineers unfamiliar with the product. HDPE pipe can be installed by static or pneumatic pipe bursting methods.

Advancements in PVC products from restrained joint to fusible PVC have helped make pipe bursting an option in communities where they prefer PVC pipe. Restrained joint PVC pipe can be installed by a cartridge type installation which reduces the footprint of a project in a congested area, and fusible PVC is installed through a continuous installation similar to that of HDPE. PVC pipes can only be installed by static pipe bursting.

Ductile iron is a standard in many utility systems and is also a product that can be installed by pipe bursting. Special restrained joints allow for the pull loads required to install the pipe. However, installations require special considerations due to the need for a bell and socket style joint. DI pipe can only be installed by static pipe bursting and can be done through a cartridge style pit or a continuous installation.

Projects involving the installation of materials like VCP, FRP, steel pipe and others have been accomplished and can be considered, although you should consult with the pipe manufacturer prior to installing.

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