Pipe Lasers: Equipment Spotlight

November 2012, Vol. 67, No. 11

Leica Geosystems
The Leica Piper series of pipe lasers are perfect for storm and sanitary sewer construction, gravity flow pipe line and anywhere grade and line are required with a single beam. Choose from the Piper 100 or the Piper 200 with Alignmaster. Powerful and compact, the Leica Piper is the only pipe laser that fits inside a four-inch pipe. Both models feature a highly visible red beam with large easy to read LCD display. Other benefits include line and grade locks; wide line adjustment; over full range of self-leveling; wireless remote control; rock solid metal housing; a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack; and 100 percent waterproof. 770.447.6361, leica-geosystems.com

Topcon Positioning Systems
Topcon_equip spot3_lasers.jpg
TP-L4GV pipe laser includes: GreenBeam technology; SmartLine to make second day setup and alignment automatic; automatic line centering and grade zeroing; a 3-way beam for fast, accurate setups; a bright, easy-to-read rear display; and RC-200 radio remote for complete control of all TP-L4GV functions from up to 660 feet away. Topcon's innovative Green Beam technology gives you the advantage of a beam that's four times brighter than conventional beams. That means you never lose track of it - even in direct sunlight! With the TP-L4GV Green Beam setups are faster and easier than ever before. The TP-L4GV also has SmartLine for fast, simple alignment. Just set the target at the far end of the last section of pipe and push the alignment button on the RC-200 remote. The beam automatically centers on the target for perfect alignment every time. You can even use SmartLine for quick above ground setups. 925.245.8300, topconpositioning.com