PipeLine Machinery International Holds Open House, Demo

Exclusive Video From PLM And LaValley Industries
By Traci Read, Senior Editor | January 2011 Vol. 66 No. 1

The DECKHAND uses an excavator’s hydraulics to safely and efficiently load or unload pipe from a trailer, pipe rack, or from a drill rig. The system consists of the main head, which mounts to most excavators, as any other work tool, using the Quick Attach function. The controls are located on special handles mounted to excavator joystick controls. Rotate function allows for 360-degree continuous rotation of lower head and beam in both directions. A shift function allows arm housings to move along the main beam 5.5 inches and move left to right independent of each other or in unison. Tilt function allows for 19 degrees of tilt in both directions. The grab arm function is used to pick up pipe and hold it firmly to the attachment. The DECKHAND boasts 30,000 pounds of lift-capacity at 3,000 PSI maximum working pressure.

Jason LaValley, who was on hand to answer questions and provide insight on the machinery, stressed that safety is a key design of the DECKHAND. The system doesn’t require any labor assistance while handling drill pipe. A ground crew doesn’t need to be in close proximity to moving pipe in order to line it up, stabilize it and sometimes to clear it of snow or mud debris.”

[[See an exclusive video interview with Jason LaValley]]

LaValley Industries LLC is a family owned and operated attachment company with headquarters based in Bemidji, MN.

Underground Construction was at the event and interviewed Jason LaValley. To view the interview and see the DECKHAND in action, visit www.ucononline.com.