Plastic Pipe Fusion/Fittings: Equipment Spotlight

September 2013, Vol. 68 No. 9
GF Piping Systems’ Electro Plus Fusion Machine

Plastic pipe fusion and fittings from GF Piping Systems, McElroy,
IPEX Inc., Footage Tools and Q-TEK.

GF Piping Systems

The Electro Plus Fusion Machine joins GF Piping Systems’ Fuseal (polypropylene), Fuseal Squared Double Containment (polypropylene), Fuseal 25/50 PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), and PPro-Seal Natural PP (polypropylene) piping systems. Key to the unit’s ease of use is its hand-held user interface. The operator can place the fusion power unit on the floor while using the cables and hand-held unit on a ladder with the pipe and fittings. The unit can fuse multiple joints in one fusion cycle and its one-button repeat fusion cycle for same-size joints. The Electro Plus has an operating temperature range of 14 degree F to 113 degrees F and compensates automatically for ambient temperature. Input voltage requirements are 100-130 VAC or 200-250 VAC 60 Hz AC RMS. 800.854.4090,

McElroy_plastic pipe spotlight.jpg

The TracStar 500 Series 3 is the latest evolution of the world’s first self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain fusion machine. The fusion machine is capable of fusing thermoplastic pipes from 6-inch IPS to 20-inch in outer diameter. New standard features include an indexer-mounted heater and facer, economy engine throttle setting and hydraulic clamping. The fusion carriage can be removed and lowered into a ditch for fusions in tight spaces. An Automatic TracStar 500 Series 3 will be available as well, with both versions capable of recording fusion parameters with a McElroy’s DataLogger. 918.831.8611,


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Injection molded Blue Brute fittings have a wall thickness 125 percent larger than SDR18 pipe, and custom-made fabricated fittings are wrapped with a tough layer of fiberglass for extra protection. Blue Brute systems are immune to corrosion from aggressive soils and galvanic action. The glass-like finish of PVC reduces friction losses and eliminates the tuberculation common in iron pipes. As a result, pumping costs are reduced and water quality is maintained. A thicker bell results in a more robust fitting. All Blue Brute fittings are shipped with standard gaskets that accept cast-iron-sized PVC pipe. Transition gaskets for IPS-sized pipe are an option for all sizes. For applications where fittings must be buried in soil with hydrocarbon contamination, Nitrile gaskets are available. 800.463.9572,