Plastic Pipe Fusion/Fittings: Equipment Spotlight

September 2013, Vol. 68 No. 9
GF Piping Systems’ Electro Plus Fusion Machine

Footage Tools
The Butt Fusion System features a four clamp system that provides added strength when fusing PE and HDPE pipe sizes ranging from 1 ¼-6 inches in diameter. Trimming or facing the pipe is simple using the gear drive power-facing tool, which is positioned between the pipe clamps using the guide pins. Guide plugs on the facing tool fit inside the pipe wall and assist in holding the pipe firmly in place during the facing operation. The heating irons set at 500 degrees Fahrenheit are used to heat fuse the pipe. The irons are positioned using the same guide pins located on the pipe clamps. Machine clamp movement is generated by the operator through a rack and pinion style mechanism that applies consistent pressure with minimum effort. 888.737.3668,

Q-TEK’s model 23, 45 and 66 saddle fusion machines are designed for polyethylene pipe ranging from 1¼-inch to 6-inch IPS. Standard 10-inch top frames are used for applying standard tapping tee fittings in tight work areas. High volume 16-inch top frames are used for both standard and high volume fittings. Top frames are easily interchanged. All Q-TEK liners and tapping tee holders are interchangeable on all Q-TEK saddle fusion machines. For trouble-free service, a baked epoxy finish is applied to the frames and all steel parts are plated for protection. 800.258.7899,