Playing Through: Pipe Bursting Upsizes Sewer Under Golf Course Without Interruption Of Play

October 2013, Vol. 68 No. 10
Project Manager Clifton Cox says Titan Technologies’ crews encountered the water table at just 2½ to three feet

It might not be possible to make a municipal pipe-bursting run more difficult than a 540-foot section of an Eagle, ID, to upgrade the sewer running beneath a BanBury Golf Course fairway. The section was part of a more than 2,000-foot project upsizing eight-inch PVC to 12-inch HDPE pipe that included reconnection of 17 sewer services through upscale residences of the BanBury Meadows community.

The existing eight-inch PVC sewer pipe wasn’t particularly in bade condition, but it was already at maximum capacity for current demand. City planners expected increased demand to continue so they designed a pipe upgrade to 12-inch HDPE and assigned it to Titan Technologies, Boise City, ID.

Founded just 10 years ago, Titan Technologies is a utility installation and replacement contractor specializing in sewer and water. Titan’s founders, who combined their years of complementary construction and pipe laying experience in the venture, embraced trenchless techniques almost immediately upon establishing the company. They are among this region’s pioneers, though pneumatic piercing and ramming as well as static and pneumatic pipe bursting techniques that have actually been available more than 30 years in some places, Roger Thompson, Titan president, said.

For the difficult BanBury project, however, Titan consulted Jim Moore of HammerHead Trenchless Equipment. Because of water complications in this jobsite, they chose a hydraulic system, the HammerHead Hydroburst HB175 static pipe bursting system. Acquisition of the HB175 and 16-inch PVC expansion head was coordinated through Silas Farris, sales representative for the Ditch Witch of the Rockies store in Denver, CO.


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