PLCA Canada Holds 56th Annual Convention In Newfoundland

By Oliver Klinger, Publisher | July 2010 Vol. 65 No. 7
PLCAC 2010-2011 president Kevin Waschuk and his wife, Ann. Kevin is VP of Waschuk Pipe Line Construction, Ltd.

“For the PLCAC contractors, during this heavy work load, safety has remained paramount. As you will see tomorrow, when we give out the awards for safety performance, 2009 was an excellent example of contractors working safely. Our clients are determined to provide a safe working environment for all of the workers employed by all contractors on their work, and we have responded well to this requirement.”

One of the challenges we faced over the past two years was the manpower shortage. We managed to overcome this, but it took a lot of training by the Local Union training schools and with on the job training by contractors. For the past two years we, together with the four unions held a very successful training school at the Operating Engineers Local 955 site north of Edmonton at which a full mainline pipeline spread was simulated, which offered a very realistic setting for the students.”

“This year our focus has been on attracting new workers to our industry. Pipeline construction is an exciting, on-the-leading edge of technology sector. It offers rewarding opportunities, accompanied by choice and flexibility. Over the next few years upwards of 25% of the current pipeline workforce will be retiring and we will need to compete aggressively for any potential new labor with other industries. In order to address this workforce deficit, the Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada has partnered with the four pipeline craft unions and Government of Alberta on an initiative known as the Pipeline Workforce Attraction Project.”

“The project includes various media tools to help support persons who are investigating a craft skill or trade in mainline pipeline construction. One of the tools is a series of career exploration videos produced in DVD format. A copy of the DVD was included in the delegate bag you received at registration. Please take the time to view the videos and perhaps think about someone who might be a candidate for our pipeline industry. The videos can also be viewed at the Career section.”

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