PolyHorse Proves Critical In Speeding HDPE Pipe Handling Operations

By Tyler Henning | November 2010, Vol. 65 No. 11

The McElroy PolyHorse can reduce labor expenses, provide a less hazardous working environment and enhance productivity up to 150 percent in some instances. The productivity tool can be used with 3-inch IPS through 20-inch OD (90 mm to 500 mm) polyethylene pipe.

The advantages of the PolyHorse start as soon as the delivery truck arrives at the site. The pipe can be loaded directly onto the PolyHorse. From this position, the fusion operator can roll the pipe down the rack and onto integrated pipe rollers where it is then easily loaded into a fusion machine. The process eliminates the cost of additional heavy lifting equipment needed to bring a stick of pipe over to the machine and the labor cost involved in the process.

This new way of setting up a job site is already paying dividends to contractors across the United States.

Cross-country installations
In April 2009, R & R Pipeline was chosen by Dominion East Ohio to install 38,000 feet of HDPE. Four days later, the first six trucks delivered pipe, with an aggressive expected project completion date of May 31.

However, the installation wouldn’t be simple. The installation across the hilly Ohio countryside would require trenchless considerations. R & R was forced to use directional bores under cornfields and open pastures, a requirement from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA wanted to protect fields that are believed to hold artifacts from the Mohican Indians, as well as other tribes.

With 30,000 feet of 12-inch pipe and 8,000 feet of 8-inch pipe to install, R & R Vice President Jeff Emery began mobilizing resources that included 50 fusion operators from the 140 person firm. Above and beyond the miles of pipe to be installed, Emery’s group would make 29 tie-ins.

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The rural hills created a few hurdles, leaving spotty to non-existent cell phone reception to communicate between R & R workers on site. Multiple job sites operated in unison, but at distances just out of walkie-talkie range. Tree-covered hillsides also offered little in terms of right-of-ways. To find solutions and shortcuts that wouldn’t undermine the integrity of their work, R & R turned to McElroy distributor Morain Sales and Service for answers.

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BJM pump
BJM Pump

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