PolyHorse Proves Critical In Speeding HDPE Pipe Handling Operations

By Tyler Henning | November 2010, Vol. 65 No. 11

Morain Sales and Service recommended putting a PolyHorse with PowerAssist into the field. The PowerAssist is a hydraulically powered roller attachment that replaces the pivoting roller on a standard PolyHorse. The powered roller just boosts the PolyHorse’s productivity even more, creating an aid for maneuvering sticks of pipe up, down and into the fusion machine.

With the PolyHorse and a TracStar 412 fusion machine, R & R’s fusion operators averaged 29 joints of 12-inch pipe per work day. The productivity didn’t stop there. When fusing some of the longer lengths of pipe, R & R used a technique called piggybacking. Piggybacking is the practice of having two machines staged at one location so that a fusion technician can fuse one joint while another cools. Once a joint is cooled and pulled out of the machine, the process starts over and rotates from machine to machine, using the downtime of the cooling period to the operator’s advantage.

Emery said he found great value in the McElroy PolyHorse.

When all was said and done, R & R completed the job a week and a half early. The productivity of all the tools, finding a job site setup that works and working hand-in-hand with a local McElroy distributor to find solutions was the pipeline to success.

Beating deadlines
Damascus, in the state of Arkansas, is a hub of activity and work, seemingly all focused on extracting gas from the Fayetteville Shale. Highway 65, north of Damascus, is littered with contractor facilities, pipe and fittings distributors and pipe storage yards. One thing is clear – miles and miles of pipelines are being built in the area.

Wayne Holden and Company is one of the contractors with an office on Highway 65 that gets a fair share of the gas pipeline work in the area. A recent contract with Southwestern Energy required 19,000 feet of 12- and 16-inch HDPE pipe to be put in over a short amount of time. With an early April 2010 deadline bearing down, company Superintendent Stanley Eaves placed an order for the company’s third PolyHorse.

“Having a PolyHorse where I can load it up with pipe helps us out,” said Joe Charton, Wayne Holden and Company supervisor at a job site near Quitman, AR.

A well site in nearby Quitman was busy with activity, using heavy machinery in different locations throughout the site consistently. With the PolyHorse, a loader brought the pipe over to the PolyHorse to fill the racks as needed, allowing the heavy machinery to focus on other tasks. The PolyHorse essentially frees up heavy machinery on some job sites.

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