PolyHorse Proves Critical In Speeding HDPE Pipe Handling Operations

By Tyler Henning | November 2010, Vol. 65 No. 11

Job site setup and pipe handling are the keys to improved productivity and safety. R& R Pipeline and Wayne Holden and Company are examples of contractors using pipe-handling systems to beat the clock, be more productive, and positively influence their bottom line.

PolyHorse time study
In developing the PolyHorse, McElroy conducted a study to determine just how much time was saved by using the PolyHorse over traditional pipelining methods.

On a job site where 100 joints of 12-inch pipe were required, typical job site construction methods yielded 20 joints per day, for a total of five days. With the PolyHorse, the 100 joints were made in 3.45 days with 29 joints per day.

To determine cost savings, McElroy estimated fusion equipment rental at $275 per day, fusion operator labor at $480 per day, loading and pulling equipment at $325 per day, loading and pulling equipment operator at $480 per day and PolyHorse rental at $100 per day. Given the time required for completing the joints in both typical construction methods or with the PolyHorse, the PolyHorse cost $5,185 less than with typical methods.

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