Polymer Drilling Fluids

September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9

System Floc-360: A polymeric flocculent used to settle out clays and shales encountered in drilling operations. Aggressive water/solids separation facilitates recycling or disposal of water-based drilling fluids.

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MAGMA FIBER: A specially formulated extrusion spun mineral fiber. This course, long flexible fiber will give increased circulation by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures and all types of permeable formations.

SHORE PAC: A granular water-soluble polymer designed for preparation of viscous earth-reinforcing fluids or slurries for a variety of drilling, trenching and walling application in the geo-construction industry.

SUSPEND-IT: An easy mixing biopolymer additive used to control drilling fluid rheology. Designed to enhance gel strength of the drilling fluid for improved suspension and transport of drill cuttings on long bores. Effective in both fresh and salt water.

INSTA-VIS PLUS: The proven liquid polymer for swelling clays! This multi-functional liquid-polymer designed to rapidly increase viscosity, halt hydration of clays, and reduce bit balling and sticking problems and increase lubricity.

SUPER PAC: This liquid multi-functional polymer is the perfect additive for sands and gravels. This fast mixing polymer has been used in some of the longest river crossings in North America. Combined with HYDRAUL-EZ or SUPER PAC minimizes fluid loss and increases gel strength for maximum cutting removal.

REL-PAC: This dry granular polymer is similar to SUPER PAC. Designed to be used in sand, it minimizes fluid loss and assists in forming a thin filter cake in the bore hole as well as increases viscosity and gel strength.

DRILL-TERGE: A blended solution of surfactants used to increase wetting properties of drilling fluids. Helps prevent clay from sticking to your tools and building up in front of your reamers. Drill-Terge can be added to any drilling fluid, even during the drilling operation.

CE-18: A clay extending polymer made up of metal oxides and alkalizes. It provides exceptional shear-thinning properties in bentonite muds with excellent dynamic and static carrying capacities. When CE-18 is added to bentonite-based drilling muds, it will increase gel strength without compromising viscosity for pumpability.

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