Polymer Drilling Fluids

September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9

KEM-THIN: Liquid thinner used to control viscosity of drilling fluids in high solids, high viscosity drilling fluids - a sulfonated copolymer in liquid form providing a quick and efficient reduction of viscosity and gel strengths in drilling fluids containing moderate levels of calcium and salts while subjected to high bottom hole temperatures. An environmentally safe antiscalant featuring rapid solubility and better performance - less toxic than traditional dispersants containing heavy metals. Contains no alkylphenols and has a category C toxicity classification. Stable up to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C), prevents gel strength ascension in fluids with high calcium, salt and solids content. Excellent deflocculant in Low Solids Non-Dispersed Muds or Inhibitive Lime Muds, improves fluid loss control by improving clay platelet orientation. Does not require supplementary hydroxyl ions for activation.

RHEO-CLAY: provides a high-inverted yield point (YP) – plastic viscosity (PV) ratio for improved rate of penetration, optimum hole cleaning, and greater liquid/solids separation efficiency from hydrocyclones - differs from sodium bentonite (montmorillonite) by having lower cation exchange capacity and greater yield in the presence of high hardness (Ca++ / Mg++) and sodium (Na+) values. Provides smooth wall cake for lubricity and lattice structure for sealing of unconsolidated sandstone formations, improved yield and gel strengths in fresh with high hardness values and improved solids separation in side of hydrocylones due to “shear thinning” characteristics.

POLY KEM D: Dry polymer drilling fluids additive. Excellent borehole properties - can be used to enhance or substitute bentonite properties.

POLY SEAL: Water absorbing polymer sealant for preventing loss of drilling fluids to porous unconsolidated formations or through cracks/crevices. Polymer when pumped down to area of loss circulation quickly settles and seals formation due to its swelling properties – swells to 300 times its volume.

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Duo-Vis/Super-Vis: A bio-polymer, when added to a bentonite-based drilling fluid, provides high gel strength, resulting in vastly improved suspension of large drill cuttings, sand and gravel. Duo-Vis/Super-Vis is a drilling specialties product, effective with fresh or brackish make-up water.

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