Polymer Drilling Fluids

September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9

Rod Ease: A superior lubricant that reduces torque, corrosion and wear on equipment while increasing ROP and overall rig potential.

Polyswell: Polyswell is a unique crosslinked polymer designed to swell many times its original weight when added to a drilling fluid. Its primary application is for lost circulation.

Ringfree: Ringfree is a low molecular weight liquid polymer designed to thin bentonite based fluids. It also aids in breaking up sticky or swelling clays to help reduce torque and drag.

Flo-Plex: This unique polymer is specially designed to impart lower filtration control for the DrilPlex system.

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Super Mud: Liquid polymer emulsion primarily used as a viscosifying agent and as a soil stabilizer to prevent sloughing and/or collapse of a borehole.

Super Mud Dry: Dry granular polymer used as viscosfier and as soil stabilizer to prevent sloughing and/or collapse of bore hole.

Wyo-Ben (406) 652-6351, www.wyoben.com
Borzan: A true bio-polymer that is highly concentrated to minimize the cost per gallon. Borzan’s gel strengths suspend solids and prevent sticking, reducing loss circulation problems.

Kwik-Vis “D”: A premium PHPA polymer in a dry granular form. Designed to achieve high viscosities in operations of shaft, caisson, horizontal drilling, slurry trenching and in small drill applications.

Uni-Drill: A proprietary liquid polymer designed for use in rotary and HDD operations. Uni-Drill mixes fast and controls fluid loss, preventing the formation clays from swelling.

Wyo-Vis: A high-performance, viscosifying, liquid PHPA polymer. Reduces instances of bit balling, lowers rotary torque and shields swelling borehole clays.

VC-55: In pot holing, this additive significantly reduces the amount of water required by assisting in the lifting of the spoils. VC-55 lubricates both the hoses and the solids, which aids in the dumping of the spoils tank.