Pre-Chlorinated Bursting: Cost Effectiveness On A Large Scale

October 2012, Vol. 67 No. 10

Once the pipe has been approved for use, it remains sealed until installation day. “It can remain in this condition for a maximum of 14 days,” DiMichele continued. “On burst day, the replacement pipe is drained, the pulling head is fused on and burst into place. Upon completion of the burst, all water services, gatewells, fire hydrants and other connections are completed.

“After completing all connections, a ‘pig’ is flushed through the newly-installed water main, along with a slug of chlorine. After the ‘pig’ exits the pipe, a flushing cap is installed and allowed to flush from the existing water system for approximately two hours. A final sample of the water from the new pipe is taken for lab testing. The reconnected water services are opened and allowed to flush. As a precaution, the residents are given a two-day boil water notice until confirmation is received from the testing lab. “Utilizing this method of construction, the water customer only sees significant construction activity in front of their home for one day.”

By late summer, pipe bursting for the Brownstown project was approximately 70 percent complete with work projected to be finished in the fall of 2012.

Is the Township satisfied with the pipe bursting process and installation of pre-chlorinated pipe? “Absolutely,” said Public Works Director Gahry. “In fact, plans are to expand the project to include another 30,000 feet of mains which would extend the completion date to 2013.”

Bidigare Contractors has been active in Southeast Michigan for over 20 years, providing municipalities, developers and builders with underground construction services, site development, demolition, bioswale and rain garden construction and general contracting.

D & D Water & Sewer, Inc. was established in 1970 and specializes in water service installations, water main repairs and provides those services to several Michigan communities, including Brownstown, Van Buren Township, City of Novi and Woodhaven. D & D has been providing pre-chlorinated water main pipe bursting and sanitary sewer pipe bursting since 2007.

Manufactured in the United States, Hammerhead offers a wide range of pipe bursting equipment to replace fracturable and non fracturable pipe ranging from two through 36-inches. In addition to pipe bursting systems, the Hammerhead line includes pneumatic piercing tools, pipe ramming equipment, HDD assist and downhole tools.

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

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