Pre-Chlorinated Pipe Bursting Offers Effect Water Main Rehab Option

6th In A Series From The IPBA
By by Matt Timberlake President, Ted Berry, Trenchless Technologies Team LLC, International Pipe Bursting Association Marketing Committee and Andy Meyer, President, Murphy Pipeline Contractors Inc., International Pipe Bursting Association | October 2011, Vol. 66 No. 10

With replacement methods, a new pipe is installed thus fully replacing the existing pipe. These methods are open-cut excavation, HDD, and pipe bursting. Each of these methods requires the existing pipe to be taken off line which disrupts service for differing lengths of time. If that time duration is too long, a temporary above-ground pipe will be installed supplying water to the homes and businesses during construction. Each of these methods has distinct advantages and disadvantages and will also have limitations that should be considered in the feasibility study.

Water bursting
Pre-chlorinated pipe bursting is a method of installing a new pressure pipe that has been fully pressure tested, disinfected and chlorinated per American Water Works Association (AWWA) and local specifications in a manner that only disrupts service for a few hours, thus eliminating the need for temporary services lines. This method of pipe bursting can only be installed by static means due to the need for air lines being installed inside the new pipe through pneumatic means which would compromise the disinfection and require additional cleaning and testing.


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