Pre-Chlorinated Pipe Bursting Offers Effect Water Main Rehab Option

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By by Matt Timberlake President, Ted Berry, Trenchless Technologies Team LLC, International Pipe Bursting Association Marketing Committee and Andy Meyer, President, Murphy Pipeline Contractors Inc., International Pipe Bursting Association | October 2011, Vol. 66 No. 10

Service connections
Private service connections must be pre-excavated and manually reconnected following installation of the new mainline. The most common method is by use of an electrofusion saddle or mechanical saddle that will be adapted to the existing service line. It is essential that these services be fully excavated prior to the pipe burst tooling passing by as some types of mechanical saddles can “pull away” from the curb stop instead of splitting which would require additional digging to reconnect to the service. By pre-excavating this connection, it can be disconnected and prepped for reconnection at burst completion.

Fire hydrant connections can be installed by the use of standard DI mechanical tees and valves or by fused HDPE fittings.

Contrary to traditional open-cut excavation, the new pipe will be installed in the existing easement and will reduce excavation by as much as 95 percent. This requires no additional legal work to secure or extend new or existing property easements. Pipes can be replaced along streets that have been planted with either public or private trees including mature trees that are most often very important to the residents of the street. The reduced construction schedule is, in most cases, more than enough of a benefit to the residents to tolerate a period during the day without water service. Provisions should always be made for fire protection and local public services personnel to be included in the pre-construction planning phase in the rare event of a public emergency at a home or business inside the work zone.

With an increasing hydraulic demand on municipal water systems and the most common methods of pipeline rehabilitation only being able to restore existing flows at best, pipe bursting is able to install a new pipe with the same or larger inner diameter, thus giving the system owner the ability to dramatically increase capacity. It is very common with the replacement of municipal water mains to install a pipe of one nominal size larger than the existing pipe and not uncommon to install a pipe two sizes larger than the existing pipe which in some cases increases capacity by approximately 400 percent.

Do your homework, select a quality project team and go pipe bursting! New pipe, more capacity, for pipe bursting the time is now.

Coming in November: Sewer lateral pipe bursting.

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