The Private Fiber Option

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | March 2010 Vol. 65 No. 3
  • Point to point private line network connections (either copper or fiber);
  • Wavelength services; and
  • dark fiber.

"Point to point networks typically connect an organization's offices and are fully managed by the provider," Rosenberg said. "Wavelength services are a submarket of the point to point private line market in which the fiber owner sells capacity that can be defined by optical frequency band. Then there is dark fiber in which management of the fiber is taken over by the user of the fiber."

Of these, Rosenberg said dark fiber, from a construction industry point of view, is most significant because the system owner lays its own fiber, lights it on both ends and manages their own network.

"Dark fiber" is fiber optic cable that is in place but unused and immediately available when additional capacity is needed.

"Dark fiber can give an organization control of costs as needs for its network escalate,@ said Larry Coleman, president of Sunesys LLC, a leading provider of high speed, dedicated fiber optic networks for businesses, colleges and universities, school districts and medical facilities that include managed wide area network (WAN) systems and dark fiber.

Dark fiber solutions from an independent company such as Sunesys offers benefits
a telephone company can't match, said Coleman. They include:

  • A private fiber optic network with virtually unlimited throughput;
  • Fixed costs to keep expenses the same year after year regardless of the amount of speed added;
  • Dedicated building to building connectivity that is infinitely easier to maintain and monitor;
  • Unparalleled security because there is no shared infrastructure, switches or network electronics;
  • A converged wide area network that is ready for implementation of voice, video and data;
  • No frequent and costly moves, adds or changes inherent with doing business with a telephone company; and
  • A telecommunications partner answerable only to the client with customer support personnel who know the network inside and out.

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