Pro-Tec System Adapts To Unique Project

By Thomas A. Marciniak | January 2013, Vol. 68, No. 1

“The next time we use a slide rail system, I will be able to send out a smaller crew for the install and removal,” remarked Buck Hines, job superintendent for Price Gregory. “With our learning curve, the installation process took a little while, but the next one we will be able to get done a lot quicker.”

With every excavation project, safety should be the number one concern. This project was no different. Along with the safety of the crew that would be working inside the Slide rail system, concern had to be paid to the proximity of the Morton Arboretum and a nearby active highway.

When asked about his overall thoughts on the slide rail system, Buck replied, “With any deep excavation, you are going to need something, whether it is slip-sheeting, tight sheeting or this slide rail system. After using the slide rail, I like it better than any of the other options.”

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