Promising Future For PLCAC

By Traci Read, Senior Editor | April 2009 Vol. 64 No. 4
Ted Shipka, outgoing PLCAC president

Early in his career, Shipka summers on various pipeline construction projects throughout Western Canada and Ontario while attending the University of Alberta. After graduating in 1972 with a bachelor of commerce degree, as well as an MBA, Shipka joined Pe Ben Oilfield Services Ltd. Over the years, he held several operational, managerial and executive positions before becoming president and CEO of the company. Subsequent to the sale of Pe Ben in 2006, Shipka co-founded and is president of Triple Random Inc., a multi-faceted transportation company that specializes in pipe and pipeline material hauling, stringing and stockpiling; pipeline equipment moving; oilfield services; and heavy industrial transportation services for the construction and mining industries. The company is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta.

Upon assuming his role as PLCAC president, Shipka and the association focused their efforts on these key areas:

  • Successfully concluded the negotiation of several project-specific labor agreements with the four trade and craft unions, which enhanced the competitive position of PLCAC members bidding on these projects;
  • Renegotiated the Pipeline Maintenance and Service Agreement for Canada, which expired Dec. 31, 2008;
  • The Safety Committee completed the development and presentation in both eastern and western Canada of a second generation, pipeline-specific, Professional Leadership Development Program for pipeline supervisors;
  • Advanced long-range planning strategy in terms of succession with the recruitment of a new assistant executive director, Neil Lane; and added two new members to the board of directors; and
  • The Investigation and Assessment Agreement expires on April 30, 2009 and negotiations for renewal are underway.

Key issues

Looking ahead, Shipka believes that the association and its members face three primary issues -- renewal of the mainline pipeline and distribution agreements, the availability of skilled labor and the economy.

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