Quest For Innovation At The Trenchless Technology Center

November 2012, Vol. 67, No. 11
Figure 3. FutureScan module in deployment

Figure 5 shows the photograph of a drop structure under installation and a prototype of the eVortex under development integrated within a commercially available Vortex Drop Structure. To demonstrate the technology, the research team completed and successfully tested a lab-scale eVortex prototype, which was integrated into the wall of a four-inch diameter drop structure. More recently the TTC fabricated a full-scale eVortex system (six-inch diameter, 30-foot tall drop structure) capable of handling flows of up to 800 gallons per minute. The full-scale system is equipped with an integrated turbine and power generating assembly. The power generated by the energy harvesting system is used to provide some of the electrical power needed to run the equipment that pumps the water from the reservoir at the base of the tower to the intake of the vortex 30-feet above it. The full-scale prototype will be used to develop energy-production curves for various flow rates and volumes.

eVortex technology provides an opportunity for municipalities to generate electricity from an energy source that would otherwise be wasted. This newly tapped power and/or revenue source can offset the costs of wastewater pumping elsewhere in the system, provide a new steady stream of revenue or used to power local systems (e.g., sensors, lights). It is worth mentioning that the major component of the infrastructure required for eVortex, namely the drop structure, is already in place.

Fig 5: (left) Field installation of Vortex Drop Structure; (right) eVortex prototype installed at the TTC

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